Does your business live on online contracts?

Collect signatures directly from your website or your app with Signing Today!
• Stop to faxes, registered mails, and e-mails. Reduce costs and offer to your clients the possibility to sign remotely, in real time
• Integrate an eIDAS-compliant system. The legal validity of signature is now granted in all EU
• Increase the revenue of your digital channels by offering the easiest signature experience

Simplify processes and increase your online business.

Online Services

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    Choose the best solution to digitalize Signature flows on any Legal document related to your Online business.


    Allow your costumers to sign directly from a PC or smartphone thanks to secure and compliant signature technologies


    Integrate the API into your website or application and easily add the digital signature to your online purchase process


    An interface designed to insure the simpliest user experience adding value to your customer experience

    Signing Today helps you simplifying


    Fully digitize document flows with legal validity of:

    • Quotation

    • Insurance contract and guarantee

    • Insurance renewals

    • Hai acquisito un nuovo cliente! Il suo contratto può essere consultato in ogni momento


    Get online signatures from your costumer with the highest security standard. Simplify the processes for:

    • Opening of bank account

    • Loan funding

    • Credit and debit card issuing

    • Credit-granting

    • Trading and other investment services

    • Signing Today is the all-ecompassing solution (customer recognition and identification + remote signature) suitable for banks, financial institutions and fintech companies.
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    Integrate Signing Today to get a contract signed in a few steps and speed up payments in case of::

    • Mobile service and connectivity

    • Motor vehicle registration

    • Buying package holidays

    • Taxes

    • Hai attivato in tempo reale le procedure di fatturazione e spedizione

    For any case of use you can always

    Monitor the status of the signature processes

    Thanks to an intuitive monitoring dashboard, you can analyse in detail the information on your paperwork: how many and which documents have been signed and on which there are still no signatures.

    Decide the order of signatories

    Choose the order in which the signatures are to be put. In progression, if the signer has to wait for another user’ signature; in parallel, if the signatures can be put without a precise order.

    Send reminders for the signatures collection

    Specify a deadline for the signatures collection and solicit users who have not signed yet via e-mail or WhatsApp. Through a link they can also sign from smartphone or tablet.

    Monitorare lo stato dei processi di firma

    Analizza in dettaglio il flusso dei documenti firmati o da firmare.

    Stabilire l’ordine dei firmatari in serie o in parallelo.

    In “serie” il firmatario dovrà attendere la firma di un altro utente.

    Indicare una scadenza per la raccolta delle firme

    Invia solleciti a clienti o fornitori che non hanno ancora firmato.