Turbocharge your fleet with Signing Today!

Discover the first online service that allows to collect signatures remotely at any time on all the documents related to your vehicles:
• Roadmap
• Fuel Card
• Manteinance reports
• Contracts, orders, invoices, renewals, privacy and more

Speed up and simplify your Fleet Management.

Fleet Management

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    Signing Today is simple, secure and ensures the legal validity of each document produced within the Fleet Management processes.


    Replace the large amount of e-mail communications with a single online process to validate your contracts.


    Replace copies, scanned contracts and order forms with digital versions that have the same legal validity and are always accessible.


    Monitor the collection of online signatures in real time and archive all kinds of legal documents in complete security.

    What you can simplify thanks to Signing Today


    • The system produces a document flow on a monthly basis for each vehicle supplied, with the possibility of sending notifications to individual operators

    • Each operator digitally signs the roadmap simply by entering a PIN code.

    • Once the collection of signatures is completed, one or more supervisors approve the roadmap online, which is forwarded to the competent office

    • You monitored the whole process of form filling and multiple signature of the monthly roadmap without using paper.


    • The maintenance manager sets up the signing flow for each work order to be carried out

    • Once the maintenance work at the partner repair shop is completed, the maintenance manager fills out and digitally signs the “service provided”

    • The competent office reiceves the signed document in real time and then approves the invoicing and payment

    • You speeded all reporting and accounting processes of your fleet.


    • All the necessary documents for the assignment of the fuel card are recalled from the library of Signing Today

    • The documents (for example: acceptance form, information sheet and usage regulation) are filled in online with the driver’s data

    • The driver digitally signs all documents in the same moment he receives the card and the related PIN code

    • You issued a new fuel card increasing the level of legal protection of your company.

    For any use case you can always

    Monitor the status of the signature processes

    Thanks to an intuitive monitoring dashboard, you can analyse in detail the information on your paperwork: how many and which documents have been signed and on which there are still no signatures.

    Decide the order of signatories

    Choose the order in which the signatures are to be put. In progression, if the signer has to wait for another user’ signature; in parallel, if the signatures can be put without a precise order.

    Send reminders for the signatures collection

    Specify a deadline for the signatures collection and solicit users who have not signed yet via e-mail or WhatsApp. Through a link they can also sign from smartphone or tablet.

    Monitorare lo stato dei processi di firma

    Analizza in dettaglio il flusso dei documenti firmati o da firmare.

    Stabilire l’ordine dei firmatari in serie o in parallelo.

    In “serie” il firmatario dovrà attendere la firma di un altro utente.

    Indicare una scadenza per la raccolta delle firme

    Invia solleciti a clienti o fornitori che non hanno ancora firmato.