Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Digital DNA

May I use the service with the smartcard from xyz?
Please consult the list of the supported providers.
Do I need any additional software in order to use my local device (smartcard, USB token)?
You have to install the Digital DNA client which is an helper software that builds a two-way encrypted communication channel with the webpage asking to use your local devices.
Do I need the Digital DNA client while using remote identities?
It is not required.
When the service will be ready for public use?
We are working hard to build the technical and legal details of the service. The plan is extending the beta program to the public by the end of 2016.
When the service will be available in my country?
As soon as we have decent support for existing ID providers from your country. We will invite to the beta users from covered countries for first.
How much will cost?
It will be free to use for single users that want to digitally sign documents using their own identities. Paid plans will be available for professionals and organizazions.

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