The eIDAS' cross-border digital single market strategy inspired us to build a service that will make digital signature a natural and accepted gesture.

Here at Bit4ID, we distilled more than 10 years of experience in the electronic signature and PKI fields in Digital DNA.

More specifically, we built the award winning Firma4NG, a complete digital signature solution, used worldwide.

It's digital signature engine is constantly updated to comply with the legal and technical regulations, like the ETSI digital signature standards and all the related interoperability standards.

The signature in the browser

In recent years most of the services and activities linked to the world of of business and e-government have moved on the web, thus making essential to provide signature solutions, compatible with secure devices as smartcards and cryptographic token, directly integrated into a web application and usable within the browser, the universal client of the web platform.

On the other hand the fast spreading of mobile computing made not possible anymore to make assumptions about the device people will use to consume web resources.

We closely followed the evolution of the web platform and all the related technologies, focusing on the use cases of strong authentication and digital signature.

We started our research on these topics with the mission of building future-proof solutions as soon as major browsers announced the removal of support for the technologies like Java applets and NPAPI plugins.

Learn more about us and join us in this new exciting challenge.