Signing, today

A qualified electronic signature service for modern web

How it works

Upload your documents and obtain the digital signature transaction link

Send the link to the signers. You can use email, SMS or even Whatsapp

The recipient signs the document within the browser using our signature tray

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It works with both hardware
 and cloud SSCD

Get the same digital signature user experience, with a cloud based secure element or an hardware signature creation device, like a smartcard or a USB token.

eIDAS compliant

Digital DNA cloud offering is compliant with the rules of the European digital single market.

 Your qualified digital signatures will be legally binding everywhere in the EU.

Consolidate and manage your own identities

Associate your existing digital identities in the Digital DNA identity wallet.

Remote identity from a supported provider and valid smartcards can be used to digitally sign with the service.

Keep track of all your
 signed documents

Have a single place where all of your signed files are kept together with all the relevant informations: when & why you signed it.

Developers will simply it

We care about developers

As developers we know how tedious and frustrating can be the integration with a sloppy API or a poor documented service.

Our job was to cherry-pick the best examples of good documentation, tools and practices for building a service that was easy to integrate in a website or in a custom application.

Our mission, as service providers, is giving developers all the attention they deserve: making the integration an easy and lovely experience.

We know that you care as much as we do.

RESTful architecture

Built around the core principles of the web, the service is straightforward to integrate in your own website or app.

 Using HTTP and JSON you can virtually use it with any programming language.

API sandbox

The API documentation and the code examples are living snippets of code, ready to be tested within your browser.

 The API sandbox is equipped with test identities, to let you familiarize with the service without the fear of making mistakes.

Try it online.

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Organitazion plans

Adopting digital signatures is a pillar for a paperless organization.

A SaaS solution will save you the costs (and the burden) of keeping your in-house solutions up-to-date with constantly evolving technical and legal frameworks.

Use your website credentials

Let you users access the service using the same login they use on your website.

That SAML 2.0 integration is available as a standard and solid solution to federate your website with DigitalDNA.

Give your users an identity

You can provision your users with a trusted digital certificate, through one of the partnered Trusted Service Providers.

Partnership program

Are you a trusted Certification Authority and you are looking at the digital single european market as a big opportunity for your business?

If you would like being listed as a supported provider, giving your users the chance of using the service, or even if you want to sell your identity services through the Digital DNA platform, join us and embrace our innovation challenge

Digital DNA
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